Love is in the air

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Mr. Bond


“Oh James!”

Love is in the air here at the farm. Unfortunetely the song is better than the smell blowing around. We are in the midst of breeding and Mr. Bond is holding true to his namesake. The girls line up at a chance to service the only male on the premise that is functioning (except of course me, but I am married). Goat kids lead to more milk and more milk leads to more cheese and more cheese leads to happy customers. What a nice train of events. I wish I could say that the girls are in store for a romantic encouter with Mr. Bond but unfortunetley it is a simple matter of he dresses himeself for the ocassion (pees on himself) makes several strange noises, gives them the buck leg spins them around, mounts them does the deed and then pants. Lasts only a few seconds. Oh the wonders of young love. Of course the girls are only interested in him for about a day.

Vodka Martini Shaken Not Stirred

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The boys have discovered the comforts of the outdoor lounge.  The heat is miserable these days on the farm and even the goats are seeking shade and comfort.  Mr. Bond (intact) and Felix (not so intact) are taking a break from browsing and are strategizing their tactics on the fall rut season.  Two of our young girls wanted a date with Mr. Bond today.  Better luck next time girls.  After all he is Mr. Bond.

Not an Intern but the next best thing (free labor)

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Little Martin

We got a rent-a-teen for a week. With so many requests for farm visits, we had to get the farm into shape. Enter Little Martin. He did point out that I occasionally need to throw the feed bags away. 3 months is a little long to wait. Thus the farm is ready for visitors. It is still a work in progress but is acceptable. Thanks to Martin for the huge help. I thought after a week of blistering heat and labor he would not want to come back but low and behold the magic of cheese has lured him back for another week of “farm camp”.

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Welcome to the newest member of our herd, Solitaire. She was born solo so we have been giving her alot of personal attention. Her new buddy is our daschund but I am not sure if the goat thinks she is a dog or the dog thinks she is a goat. Seems like mothers day and fathers day were busy with babies this year. At least Pocket the daschund has a friend her size to play with for about two weeks.Father's day baby

Spring Growth

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Money Penny

Spring is the time for new growth.  This is one of our spring babies (Money Penny).  She was the tiniest doeling born this year from our doe Tootsie.  The magic of goat milk helped her grow big and strong.  Caprino Royale is growing this Spring too with new customers arriving each week at the Dallas Farmers Market.  Now our products can also be found at Fearing’s at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas and the Texas Cheese House in Lorena.  We are meeting with 135 Prime and Baylor in Waco today.  Thank you to all our new customers.  We enjoy meeting each and every one of you and sharing with you the freshest products from our farm.  Next year Money Penny will meet Mr. Bond and begin making cheese.

Not Enough Time

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The whole fulltime job thing just gets in the way of the other fulltime job (making cheese). A week and a half and I do this fulltime. Karen hopes to follow soon. Those degrees do look good on the wall, all four of them. Also not enough time to blog. We are up on facebook and hope to keep up on this as well. As they say no rest for the wicked. I don’t feel wicked but I am not getting much rest.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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mother's day bucks

Happy Mother’s Day!  Our Butterscotch gave birth to twin boys today to celebrate the event.  They were three days early and of course came just when I was starting a new batch of Feta cheese (timing is everything).  Eric had left the farm to run an errand, so between stirring the curd I got all the baby stuff ready and made a 911 call to Eric.  He made it home just in time for the first one to arrive.  The birth was uneventful and out came these two cute boys.  We think we have already found a home for them.  They will only live with us for weeks, but we will always remember this mother’s day.

Caprino Royale is officially in business!

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 Chevre1a Wow, so much has been happening at the farm.  We are now officially making cheese and cajeta.  We had our first market day last Saturday at the Dallas Farmer’s Market.   We met some amazing people and were surprised to sell out of our products by 3pm.  We are looking forward to being there every Saturday.  Look for us in Shed 2 (the indoor specialty food shed).  Most of the ladies have kidded except for Butterscotch and Butterbean.  We have 3 new ladies from the TLC farm, two are vacationing here (Pepper-Tootsie’s mom, and Sonny) and one will stay (Tulsa).  So far we have 3 beautiful doe kids (pictures to follow in next blog)  and we hope to add at least a couple more when the Butter girls kid.  We are counting down the days now until Eric “retires” from teaching to become a full time farmer.  Has anyone ever seen the show Radical Sabbatical?  We are living the dream and loving it!  



Caprino Royale’s first Bond Girl

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Our first Bond Girl!

Our first Bond Girl!

Meet Honey Ryder (left) and her brother Taco (okay that is grim).  She is the very first Bond girl (Sire: Latte Da Mr. Bond/Dam: TLC-Farms Oh Panama) born at Caprino Royale.  We think she is a true beauty (check out those long legs and ears) and she might already be smarter than your honor student.  She is the first one of our kids who has figured out how to escape out of the kindergarten pen.  Luckily our dogs M and Q are always on the job and protected her until I got back from town this morning.  Good dogs!  Check back soon, our herd queen is due to kid next week and she appears to be having triplets (gads!).

We have kids!

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Our first babies ever!

Our first babies ever!

The first babies have arrived at Caprino Royale!  OhLivia delivered two beautiful babies on Monday.  She is doing fine.  Unfortunately they are both bucklings. We think they are mighty cute except for the yellow poop (seen in background).  That stuff sticks to everything.  It is a good thing this picture isn’t from behind or you would see their crusty little butts.  They are having fun trying out their new legs and can bounce quite high.  We think they bounce to fling off the poo.  We hope to find a new home for the boys (any takers?).